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Outstanding Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional company, to produce Aroma Diffuser, Reed Diffuser, Scented Candle,  Car freshener, Room Spray for 20 years, we are located in Shanghai with convenient transportation and rich resources. Our company covers 3,886 square meters, has professional facilities such as Aging testing room for aroma diffuser, Vacuum testing machine for liquid. Our one day capacity including: 4,200 sets Aroma Diffuser; 30,000 pieces diffuser bottles; 5,000 pieces Sola Flower; 10,000 sets products packing. For aroma diffuser, we have CE certificate. We also can offer VOC, MSDS for different material to ensure products safety.

We offer unique designs, reliable quality, competitive price and outstanding services. There are 18 items with own Patents and we are member of Sedex. We have strong Development ability, update new design every week, 9 0 % of clients use our designs. We also can do ODM, OEM products. Our main market is United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea and Saudi Arabia. We have rich experience to cooperate with many famous Aroma Brands. We do believe Customer’s satisfaction is our mission, Good Quality is our life. Outstanding look forward win-win partner relationship with every our clients, Welcome to Outstanding, Welcome to enquiry. Outstanding will bring you amazing designs and products always.


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Для атрымання запытаў аб нашай прадукцыі або прайс-лісце пакіньце нам ліст, і мы будзем звязацца на працягу 24 гадзін.


  • 2018 бой

    Заўсёды рабіце ўсё магчымае. тое, што зараз пасадзіш, пазней збярэш - ад Люсі

  • Выдатная каманда, Go Go Go !!! (Пашырэнне + турызм)

    Сёння мы разам працуем над тым, як "разам" разам з нашай камандай. Мы крок за крокам прабіліся праз цяжкасці і, нарэшце, дасягнулі поспеху. Выдатная каманда Вы лепшы! ...